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We work with regulated legal firms throughout the European Union

Immigration Consultancy

MyEUvisa is an immigration consultancy offering bespoke solutions to those in search of greater personal and financial freedom. 

While our company is located in Ireland, we have an international presence, acting for clients across the USA and further afield. It doesn’t matter who you are. We’ve represented everyone from high-net worth individuals to families, entrepreneurs, retirees and students.  

Our service is focused on citizenship, residency and visa applications for Ireland, Italy and Portugal. We have partnerships with law firms in each jurisdiction. If you’d like to proceed after an initial consultation with our team, we’ll match you to the best firm for the job.

Streamlining the process

Make Your Life Easier

No researching local laws

No filling out forms in a foreign language

Legal partners in local jurisdictions

The immigration experts

We understand that everyone has their own motives for seeking new opportunities. 

  • Are you looking to retire abroad? 
  • Maybe you are interested in wealth management on a global stage? 
  • Do you just want the security of a second passport?
  • Whatever your story, we’re here to help you.

Why choose MyEUvisa?

Do you want greater freedom to travel, invest and improve your life? We will take the worry away from you and you’ll have the freedom to live the life you want. Do any of the points below interest you?

Our Expertise

We specialize in immigration – that's all we do. We are experts in our field. When you instruct us, you’ll benefit from our unrivalled knowledge and experience.

Transparent Costs

We are clear about our costs. Before we start any work, we’ll explain our fees to you in greater detail. We don’t want you to face any nasty surprises later down the line.

Jargon-Free Advice

We speak in plain English. Immigration consultants often use legal jargon, but not us. We deliver straightforward, practical advice that’s actually useful.

Our Legal Network

We have built our Immigration Legal Network to ensure you get the best from your citizenship or visa application in each jurisdiction. You are in safe hands.