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We work with regulated legal firms throughout the European Union

Remove the local complexities of obtaining a citizenship or visas in other jurisdictions. Let our immigration consultants do all of the work for you

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We help you secure citizenship or residency in the European Union

Start your journey today so you can travel and work in the EU. We will help guide you through the process and provide the guidance you need.

We are a team of Specialist Immigration Consultants committed to delivering bespoke solutions for our clients. We work with regulated legal firms across the European Union, helping you get the best local legal advice and care in your chosen jurisdiction

Why get a second passport or EU residency?

Do you want greater freedom to travel, invest and improve your life? We will take the worry away from you and you’ll have the freedom to live the life you want. Do any of the points below interest you?

Wealth management

Tax planning

Retiring overseas

Escaping conflict or danger

Giving your family a better life

Reconnecting with your heritage

Investment Opportunities

Affordable healthcare and education

Where we work

We deal with citizenship, residency and visa applications in three regions: Ireland, Italy and Portugal.

Ways to obtain Citizenship?

There are various ways that you can become a citizen and this varies depending on the rules of each country and your individual circumstances. Some of the following are common reasons for obtaining citizenship.

List of Programs we can help with include


Start-up Entrepreneur Program (STEP)

Elective Residency Visa